Success Is Simple + Sexy

National Sock Day, December 4th

Nov 15, 2021

In America, we celebrate every day! No literally, there is a national day every day, and some days there is more than one. I was reminded of this when a beloved customer approached me with a challenge...

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Gourmet Cookies For The Win!

Oct 14, 2021

We always enjoy giving our customers something original and out of the ordinary during the Holiday season. We prefer to before Thanksgiving; and if we're dragging our feet before Christmas. Last year...

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Employee Appreciation - Keep Your Team Together

Sep 28, 2021

No doubt you have seen the news stories and heard all the commotion of staffing issues facing so many businesses. Seems like there are more jobs available than job seekers. Companies keep reporting tr...

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Tote Bags to the Rescue

Sep 01, 2021

Tote Bags to The Rescue The State of Colorado aims to remove single-use plastic bags and plastic foam from the marketplace. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also presents a great mar...

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Does Networking Work?

Jun 07, 2021

Does Networking Work? Yes and no. Networking works but only if you work. For those people dreaming that they're going to go to a few networking functions and business is going to just fall in their l...

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Dad Wisdom: That's why It's Called Currency

May 17, 2021

Dad Wisdom: That's Why It’s Called Currency One day while sharing my challenges with growing my business my father interjected with some “Jedi-like” response that completely stumped...

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Intro: Success is Simple + Sexy

May 10, 2021

Success is Simple + Sexy Sexy: adj. exciting, appealing, attractive, desirable, Confident; Success is all of that. Disclaimer: I say sexy without ANY hesitation at all, God didn’t make any ...

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