Gourmet Cookies For The Win!

  • Oct 14, 2021

We always enjoy giving our customers something original and out of the ordinary during the Holiday season. We prefer to before Thanksgiving;  and if we're dragging our feet before Christmas. Last year's gift was received so well it became a yearlong gift. As a promotional products company, we have access to so many choices but we stuck with our guns and wanted to gift Sofia's Cookies. We stumbled onto them before a major promotional products show back in 2019 and had the opportunity to meet them and get ahold of an assortment of their products at the show. Afterward, we returned to the Rockie Mountains and I just had to share them with my community and get their genuine reactions. So we created a video to share (bottom of page)

Sofias Cookies Gourmet Cookie Gifts

Fast Forward to the 2020 Holiday season and we ourselves became a bonafide customer. These cookies are so tasty that a number of recipients have actually come back and purchased them for their business. Now that's what I call a cookie funnel! Heck, Sofia's Cookies are amazing and they're made from scratch with only natural ingredients. These wonderful cookies dance in your mouth. When They taste this good what else can you say? 

Gourmet Cookie Gifts


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