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Calendars are extremely affordable. The average cost for promotional calendars is less than a dollar. At that low price, most businesses and organizations can afford to target hundreds of customers at once. 


Promotional Calendars have a broad appeal. Everyone uses some sort of organizational tool and a calendar is a common item in most homes and offices across the country. Promotional Calendars have an extended prescience. 12 months of exposure keeps you top of mind with a long lasting value and a small investment.

Keep them engaged. Most companies choose fairly common items. 

If you're a non-profit organization, you might use t-shirts, ball caps, or other imprinted clothing. Handle bags are common trade show promo items. Now that some states are prohibiting plastic bags, non-woven bags are very popular. Realtors and other business professionals tend to use promotional items like notepads, pens, and pencils. 

TIP - Timing Matters: Why not thank your customers for purchasing with a free promotional item? Everybody loves free gifts. Customers will leave feeling thankful. It will also create brand awareness. 

A promotional product marketing plan can be extremely rewarding and successful when planned and executed properly. Promotional items create walking billboards for your business. And they are often cost-effective. Use high-quality branded promotional products that will last long enough for the recipients to use for months to come. 

What items should I use for promotional products? 

That all depends on what your business is and what your budget is. Calendars and pens are by far the winners across the board. Calendars are very useful and give you 365 days of advertising.

Pens are super practical and a good value for the business, starting as low as .15¢. Our Hot Deals page will have something that can help you.